Choosing the right wellness products can be a daunting one. There’s a lot of options out there, from collagen powders to essential oils and healthy pantry staples. If you need a second opinion, just ask our customers! Here are 11 wellness products they can’t stop raving about—and why you will love ‘em, too.

1. Teaconcept Happy Tea (Regular: 15 Teabags), on sale for P1,080 (limited time only)

Lea, 37: “It works!!! It’s a very effective pick-me-up for hormone induced weepy days. My husband loves that it works for me! This tea also helps me cope with the relentless demands of being a work-from-home mommy… We are so grateful for this life changing tea!”

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2. Favori Lavender 10ml Aerator/Diffuser Aroma Oil, on sale for P120 (limited time only)

Jenina, 24: “I really am not a fan of lavender scents. It tend to make me feel dizzy and I don’t like that feeling. But this one really [smells] nice and truly [has] a calming scent. I use it at nights after work and it never failed me.”

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3. Belo Nutraceuticals Collagen Powder Drink (14 Sachets), on sale for P999 (limited time only)

Dale, 29: “This is my first time to try a collagen l drink. And wow, after I [mixed] one sachet with juice, few hours later there [was] an instant glow you will notice! The “glow” will only last for a day, but the benefits it brings is a lifetime. I noticed [that] my stretch marks are not visible anymore, and my hair fall [lessened]. I read that it has effects on bones and joints too!”

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4. Anytime Menstrual Cup (Size 1), on sale for P630 (limited time only)

Erika, 23: “At first try, I was not very comfortable with it, plus putting it on is hard (as for a first-timer). But as time [passed] by, I got used to it and it make me more comfortable wearing it than wearing pads. If you haven’t tried the menstrual cup or if you are thinking of trying it, I absolutely recommend making the switch now! Not only does this helps you in so many ways (wearing light-colored pants, swimming without being embarrassed, cut down some bills) It also helps Mother Earth [since] you [lessen] your single-use products!”

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5. Roarganics BGC Weight Loss Blend Trial Size (180g), on sale for P629 (limited time only)

Anne, 37: “I have been overweight since I was a child and even if I work out hard, I have never been able to get my weight down to the ideal level… I purchased the BGC and did the program, eating only one solid meal per day and replacing all my meals with the smoothie for an entire month. I was surprised how easy it was and my performance didn’t go down one bit, I was beginning to doubt if it was going to be effective. But lo and behold, I was losing just under a kilo per day. I kept it up for two weeks before doing complete meal replacement for one more week. In total I lost 17 kilos. Now I’m lighter, stronger, and my muscles now have more definition.”

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6. Chi Beauty Clear Quartz Roller, on sale for P1,677 (limited time only)

Michelle, 29: “I put it on the fridge before using and roll it on my face and neck at night. So relaxing! I wish I could also do it in the morning but I do not have time. But wow. In a week I [saw] that my face is lifted and fine lines were less prominent. My skin also felt and looked smoother. I love this product and will continue using this. Worth the money!”

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7. Pasta Zara Couscous (500g), on sale for P89 (limited time only)

Honey: “This is like a cross between rice and pasta but the cooking time is just like when you cook noodles. It’s so easy to cook, oh my gosh! I will buy this again… It’s so easy that’s why I like it. Definitely one of things to keep in the pantry for lazy girls like me.”

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8. Pure Bliss Prima Rosa Room Spray, on sale for P139 (limited time only)

Czarina, 35: “This is one of the variants I purchased when this brand went on a major sale. I used this in our room to get rid of “amoy usok” smell since our house is located in a nearby main road where public vehicles pass by all the time. I noticed that the smell can hold up for hours. The room feels clean, even the beddings and curtains as well. Overall this is recommended. The packaging is nice too.

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9. Nature’s Coco Nature’s Coco 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil (265ml), now on sale for P175 (limited time only)

Divine, 20: “I use virgin coconut oil as a hair and skin moisturizer. I just add a few drops of it to my daily lotion or conditioner. Recently, I added a few drops to my night cream and I’ve noticed that it gives my skin a little glow.

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10. Fix and Fogg Crunchy Peanut Butter (375g), P380

Grace: “I am more of a bread and butter type of person but I am glad I gave this peanut butter a try. Though the ingredients were very basic, quality and flavor were top-notch. I normally eat just one sandwich for breakfast but with Fix & Fogg I finished two! I so love how nutty it was and how it had just enough salt to highlight the flavor of the peanuts. Two thumbs up for this!!”

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11. Philippine Pure Raw Cacao Nibs (125g), now on sale for P156 (limited time only)

Lex, 37: “Most cacao nibs from other brands are sweetened, which I don’t like. I’m glad to have found this, though. I love how it’s raw and unsweetened, so I get only the chocolate goodness without the added sugar. I mix this with my fruit shakes for added texture, along with chia seeds and flax seeds.”

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