As you know, PMS takes zero prisoners, inflicting a host of monthly inconveniences on over 85% of women. We’re talking cramps, uncontrollable cravings, and all the emotions. Indeed, PMS comes part and parcel with our womanhood. The excruciating pain we experience, however, isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for our period. If you’re dead-tired of all the pre-menstrual torture, we list 5 tips and tricks to avoid it altogether.


If cramps usually leave you in a fetal position until your cycle passes, try raspberry leaf tea. Apparently, it’s known for alleviating PMS thanks to its two key ingredients: fragarine and tannins. Fragarine tones and tightens muscles in the pelvic region, preventing cramps. Meanwhile, tannins mitigates an irregular or intense period. These make raspberry leaf tea a certified pre-menstrual miracle in a cup!
TRY: Teaconcept Woman Tea (Small: 7 Teabags), on sale at P420 (limited time only), Teaconcept Woman Tea (Regular: 15 Teabags), on sale at P900 (limited time only)


You know your period is on its way when you crave all manner of salt-loaded munchies: chips, pretzels, a whole pizza… whatever’s chockfull of sodium, we want it! Unfortunately, our salty cravings can lead to an uncomfortably swollen midsection and possibly intensify period cramps. In order to prevent the worst, limit your intake to 2.4 grams of salt or alternatively, look for salt-free substitutes.
TRY: Manila Superfoods Pink Himalayan Salt Medium Coarse (150g), P105, Philippine Pure Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder (200g), P300


When you’re not craving salt, chances are you’re craving its counterpart: carbs. It’s no question carbs provide immense comfort for women. And while comfort is necessary, it’s equally important to choose which carbs to chow on. Complex carbs provide all of the comfort without the crash. Additionally, they provide a source of lasting energy and increase serotonin—a natural Advil for menstrual aches and pains.
TRY: Farm to Folk Organic Brown Adlai (1kg), P350, Green Silo Organic Quinoa (1kg), P650


Like a hug for your tummy, heating packs melt away pain and make everything OK again. Applying heat where it hurts—in this case, your midsection—helps assuage muscle contractions and improve circulation. The result: instant relief. What’s more, an increasing amount of research proves using a heating pack is just as effective as taking painkillers. Consider the misery of your menstrual cramps long over!
TRY: Next2Nature Portable Thermal Pack, P149, Kimochi Aroma Medium Herbal Pillow (6x8 Inches), P370


And no, we’re not talking about the drugstore varieties. We’re talking calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B-6 pills. These natural alternatives are known to fight menstrual cramps without any of the repercussions. In addition to lessening pain, they also help tackle other discomforts—namely: anxiety, fatigue, and insatiable food cravings. Just talk to your physician prior to taking any one (or all) of these.
TRY: Piping Rock Calcium Magnesium Zinc (300 Coated Capsules), P950, Herbs of the Earth Pure Magnesium (60 Vegetarian Capsules), P1,099

The next time you’re expecting your period, try one of our tips and tricks and let us know how it works out! If you notice your PMS is particularly unpleasant though, visit your OB-GYN when you can.

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