Filipinas are blessed with a natural glow; a caramel-like complexion envied by so many of our foreign friends. Trust me, our effortless radiance sends off a different vibe. In our native tongue, kakaiba! That’s why so many girls bask in the heat of the sun during summer just to achieve that gorgeous tan. But while I’m all for a golden glow 24/7, I can’t exactly support baking under the sun for too long. Everything in moderation! Especially UV rays.

So here are some tips to show off your golden complexion, minus the long hours of dangerous tanning!


Every morning after you shower, apply body oil from head to toe. This not only locks in your skin’s moisture, it also leaves you with that Victoria’s Secret Angel shiny-legs effect. Personally, I prefer oils to lotions because they make the skin on your limbs, shoulders, and decollétage look dewy, plus, everything just feels softer and silkier.


After layering on your daily sunscreen and moisturizer, swipe your favorite bronzer onto your cheekbones, forehead, and chin. Avoid using too dark or too matte powders, since these tend to look streaky. Instead, go for a sheer, shimmery wash, and apply it to your face with a light hand.


Believe you me, warm skin tones like ours look positively golden with a dusting of bright peachy blush. Not your type? Blush shades like orange, mauve, and even golden pink enhance our features just as well.


Because most morenas have a neutral skin tone, we have the freedom to experiment with eye shadow colors, from rich jeweled tones to bright neons! But for me, natural eye makeup is still the best, especially if you’re going to be spending your day on the go. Try warm browns, golds, bronzes, coppers, or even peach shades. These will make your lids pop while still keeping them low-maintenance, and the overall result will open up your entire face.


I like to top off a golden goddess look with a rich nude lipstick, like a medium brown mocha or any coppery tone. This looks way more flattering on medium to deep skin tones as compared to pale beige nudes, which can seem too chalky. But if you’re bored with neutral lipstick, you can also wear orange, coral, or pale pink. These colors will really give you that glowing, super-fresh look, like the best lighting in the room is following you around!

So whether you were born with a healthy glow or you got it from the beach, I hope these tips will keep you in glowing form for the whole year—summer or no summer. ‘Til next time!

Selfies courtesy of Nikita McElroy