Crazy Rich Asians may sound like a fantastical reality, but when it comes to real-life extravagance, Heart Evangelista could put even Astrid to shame. Like this viral review once said: we can’t all have her Balesin membership, her Birkins, or her lavish socialite lifestyle. But there is one thing she’s got that you can cop: her makeup! In case you didn’t know, Heart used to do all her makeup on her own. Then, she met Indonesian makeup artist Albert Kurniawan. Known for his bold eye makeup style, Albert is the man behind Heart’s picture-perfect looks—and has been for the past ten years. So, when the celebrity MUA launched his very own makeup artistry line Teviant, it was only natural that his one and only muse would be part of it.
Their labor of love? A collection of 4 irresistible, ultra-pigmented eyeshadow palettes that could rival the Urban Decays and MACs of the world. Formulated in Milan, Italy, each color choice was a collaboration between Heart and Albert—resulting in carefully curated palettes fit for the pros.
Below, we get a closer look at every single one with in-depth video tutorials from Albert himself.


THE PALETTE: Amoré Eyeshadow Palette, P2,450
Described by Albert as “everyone’s favorite” palette, this collection features soft nudes and subtle earth-toned shimmers.

Shop it here.


THE PALETTE: Señorita Eyeshadow Palette, P2,450
Versatile, youthful, and fun, this palette strikes a balance between bold, edgy colors and ladylike neutrals, so you can easily go from day to night.

Shop it here.


THE PALETTE: Queen Eyeshadow Palette, P2,450
Determined to conquer the world? Say it with your eyes using this fiery curation of candy pop hues and warm sunset-inspired shades.

Shop it here.


THE PALETTE: Mademoiselle Eyeshadow Palette, P2,450
Made for the adventurous and free-spirited, this whimsical palette combines eye-catching jewel tones with subdued neutrals for depth.

Shop it here.

When Albert’s working his magic on Heart, you can bet he’s dipping into at least one of these world-class palettes. Which one did you love?

Teviant is now available on BeautyMNL. Shop the collection right here.

Video by Kat Echon and Aion Bato.

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