With the hottest days of the summer upon us, there’s no time like the present to wear SPF. But applying—and reapplying—sunscreen is a task as dreaded as working overtime on a weekend. Because not only do most formulas come in the form of white globs that leave you feeling icky (or sticky), they’re also a struggle to put on.

Luckily, not all SPFs are like thick, gloopy lotion. Enter the Skin Genie Spray-On Sunscreen SPF 100:
Lightweight and refreshing on the skin, this spray-on SPF brings a level of ease to what used to be a messy chore. The formula delivers serious UV protection with SPF 100, but feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. You won’t even notice that overly greasy sheen that most sunscreens leave behind. Despite its featherweight texture, it makes your skin softer, smoother, and more supple with every use. The formula contains nourishing ingredients, which absorb quickly upon application.
But what we love most about the Skin Genie Spray-On Sunscreen is its ergonomic packaging. Housed in a handy spray bottle, you are sure to get a thin, even layer of SPF every time. Plus, it makes reapplication (because you still have to do that) relatively painless. Here’s exactly how to use it!


Spritz generously over your limbs or other areas that may be exposed to the sun.
Allow it 15 minutes to dry. Reapply after two hours or as needed.

See? Your sunscreen doesn’t have to feel like sunscreen to work for you.

The Skin Genie Spray-On Sunscreen SPF 100 is available on BeautyMNL for P350. Shop it right here.

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