Jeans, a polo, and sneakers: these are the things you’ll likely see me wearing on any given day. On casual days, I’ll change from jeans to shorts; for important meetings, I’ll swap the jeans for slacks; and on rare occasions (like big presentations, semi-formal events, or even my birthday), I’ll go so far as to switch it up and wear a skirt. But rarely will you ever see me in a dress, let alone for two days in a row!

The jeans-polo-sneakers combo has become my safe space. It’s fuss-free and just the right mix of business and casual. But every now and then I do catch myself adding one too many dresses to my online shopping wishlists, or hoping I get invited to an event just so I can have an excuse to wear one of the sundresses I have tucked at the back of my closet.

This is why I readily accepted BeautyMNL’s challenge to wear dresses for five days straight. Read about what happened below!


I’m not sure if it was the excitement of starting the challenge or the possibility that I was being possessed by the spirit of my preppy freshman self that made me do it. But I decided to grab a fun yellow dress—a blessing given the summer heat.

Because I knew I was going to be walking around a lot on Day 1, I slipped on my favorite (and very worn-out) pair of white sneakers, which turned out to be a perfect complement to this cute mini-dress.

My first dress day was pretty successful, as I never would have thought the dress–sneakers combo would make my impromptu 3-kilometer walk a breeze—and I mean this literally. Hooray for lightweight fabrics! Wearing such a fun and bright dress also gave me a huge confidence boost, and helped me start the challenge in the best of moods. Now I felt ready to take on the next four days!

WHAT I WORE: Lola and Daisies Simone Dress, P1,000. Shop it here.


After coming down from my perky-dress high, I decided to go clean and corporate for a Wednesday full of meetings and errands. I chose this “boss babe” dress: a simple, mid-length maroon shift. My favorite part about this power look? The pockets, of course! It’s safe to say that this comfortable number made the long walks and even longer lines of my busy day more bearable. Day 2: success!

WHAT I WORE: Revival the Label Dawn Dress in Maroon, P1,850. Shop it here.


I was pretty thankful waking up to Day 3 of the Dress Challenge, as I had two social gatherings that day: coffee and board games in the afternoon, and then dinner and drinks at night (the perfect excuse to wear a dress!). Since I was feeling excited for the rest of the day, I went for a foolproof little black dress.

My favorite things about LBDs are that they’re a staple in every girl’s wardrobe, and they’re easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For lunch, I paired the dress with a soft cardigan and comfortable shoes, then for dinner I took the cardigan off and switched the sneakers for heels. Proof that LBDs are super versatile!

WHAT I WORE: Candid Clothing Reversible LBD, P890. Shop it here.


Since I’m a creature of habit, Day 4 was the day I really struggled to put on a dress. Knowing all I had to do for that day was buy some groceries and run a few more errands, all I wanted to do was to throw on a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, and my worn-out sneakers. I kept thinking to myself, “Who wears a dress just to buy groceries?”

But thankfully, I was able to find a super soft and loose dress, made cuter by some strategically-placed ruffles. Paired with a messy bun and some pointy slip-ons, this dress helped me look chic while still keeping me snug and comfy at the same time (and also preventing me from losing the challenge!).

WHAT I WORE: TM Delhi Ruffled Shift Dress in Black, P995. Shop it here.


The easiest part of the challenge was ending it on a sunny Saturday. My only agenda for this day was lunch and a movie with my boyfriend, so imagine his (happy!) surprise when his jeans-and-sneakers-loving girlfriend appeared in a playful long sundress. It was this day that I realized light, dainty, pretty pieces like these are something every girl should own, whether you wear them on a date in a fancy restaurant or on an impromptu milk tea run.

WHAT I WORE: Toppicks Clothing Dixie Striped Dress, P950. Shop it here.


Overall, I emerged from the five-day Dress Challenge feeling victorious, and with a heightened sense of confidence in myself and the things I could wear.

There were a lot of times I desperately wished someone would invite me to a fancy dinner or a party so I could justify getting all dressed up, but I realized that dresses can easily become a staple in anyone’s wardrobe—even for non-dress wearers like myself. Looks like I might even be ditching the jeans-polo-sneakers combo once a week from now on!

What dresses do you like wearing the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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