As wannabe exercise nuts, we face a very specific issue when working out in the hot months: “chub rub” A.K.A. inner thigh chafing. The burning sensation that comes with constant, sweaty, skin-to-skin friction spares no one. It reddens our thighs, leaving them raw, stinging, and tender to the touch. If you’re a beast, you’ll grin and bear the pain for as long as you can—but if not, you’ll probably give up those roomy workout shorts for skintight leggings. (Spandex chafes, too, but not as bad as skin. Sob!)
Truth is, you can’t stop the rubbing (God gave you those #thick thighs for a reason), but you can control your comfort level. Here’s where SKINPRO’s Anti-Chafe Cream comes in: the one cream you never thought you needed ‘til your poor thighs screamed for it.
We know, we know, semi TMI, but hear us out! Made with aloe leaf juice and squalene, it forms an invisible, frictionless barrier wherever you apply it. Also, it’s sweat-resistant. You can run, spin, and scissor-kick to your heart’s content, and your thighs will stay A-OK! (Apparently, it works wonders for saddle sores and blisters, too, but that’s another story for another time.)

The formula imparts a refreshing sensation upon application, so you experience instant relief when rubbed the wrong way, so to speak. Plus, it’s loaded with vitamin E to repair damaged skin and deliver a surge of non-sticky moisture. Basically, once you slather this on, you can work out as hard as you like without having to hurt for it.

Not bad for only P290, eh? Who knows, it might even come in handy for a long, brisk, pants-free walk on the beach. No judgment.

The SKINPRO Anti-Chafe Cream is available on BeautyMNL for P290. Shop it right here!

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