When hardships at work, school, relationships, and everything in between dampen our mood, bouncing back into our happy bubble might seem impossible. The storm cloud over our heads forces us to go through our days feeling sad, frustrated, and sometimes even straight-up pissed off.

So, do we just live in our rut until it passes? We can, but we can also try to pull ourselves out of it. If you’re the type to take extra measures to feel like your best self, we’re sure self-care solutions are right up your alley. And even if you’re not, these quick fixes are so easy, you can do ‘em with zero effort. Here’s to reclaiming your chill!


Reach for a calming essential oil (lavender’s a speedy relaxant!) to soothe your anxieties and clear your headspace. While best experienced with the help of a diffuser, giving it a sniff straight out of the bottle works, too. Just be sure not to hold it too close to your nose—these oils are potent!
TRY: doTERRA Lavender Touch, P1,090, V&M Naturals Lavender Essential Oil, P420, Zellaroma Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil (15ml), P750

Stress can lead to muscle pain and tension, which is why a back massage feels amazing when you’ve had a hard day. Until you can book your next spa weekend, work out the knots in your muscles by slathering on a cooling healing cream over your various aches and pains. Who needs a professional masseuse?
TRY: YogaLove Healing Cream Tub (100g), P375, YogaLove Healing Cream Tub (200g), P550, YogaLove Healing Cream Pump Bottle (200g), P550

Between the stress-induced breakouts and dullness from sleepless nights, our complexion needs a lot of help when we’re feeling overstretched. So, treat yourself to a sheet mask every once in a while to soothe irritated skin. On top of that, it’s the perfect opportunity to slow things down for a bit of much-deserved me-time.
TRY: Some By Mi Tea Tree Calming Glow Luminous Ampoule Mask, now on sale at P90 (limited time only), Esfolio Pure Skin Aloe Essence Mask Sheet, now on sale at P27 (limited time only), Mizon Joyful Time Essence Mask (Aloe), P45, The Face Shop Real Nature Honey Face Mask, P65

Becoming consumed by too many toxic emotions can actually have a negative effect on your health. It heightens anxiety levels and blood pressure, and may even result in poor blood circulation. So, next time you find yourself fuming, gently run a facial roller over your face. This improves blood flow and facilitates lymphatic drainage, which not only de-puffs your face, but also helps you find your chill.
TRY: Modern Rituals by HIMA Amethyst Facial Roller, now on sale at P963 (limited time only), Modern Rituals by HIMA Jade Facial Roller, now on sale at P633 (limited time only), Chi Beauty Lapis Lazuli Facial Massage Roller, now on sale at P1,950 (limited time only)

Bad mood ever result in a bad tummy ache? Yeah, you’re not imagining it—the gut-brain connection is very real. Psychological factors can impact your gut functions, which can lead to indigestion, gas, and cramps. Quickly remedy these issues with a steaming cup of mint tea. While not recommended for heartburn or acid reflux, peppermint will help ease your digestion because of its gallbladder-stimulating oils.
TRY: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Fresh Leaf Tea Mint, P320, Manila Superfoods Loose Leaf Pure Mint Tea, P245

Chocolate makes us happy—and it’s a scientific fact. But before you start chugging syrup and loading up on creme eggs, take note that it’s dark chocolate that’s good for your health. So, look out for options that offer at least 70% cacao next time you need a boost, as those are the ones with enough antioxidants to actually lift your spirits. Skip the ultra sugary stuff as those are more likely to hurt than help.
TRY: Manila Superfoods Cacao Nibs (220g), P245, Natural Health Cacao Nibs (Naked), P175, ASAB Organics Cacao Nibs Coated In Coco Sugar (80g), P95

If you’ve been having a string of hellish days that’s put you in a funk, consider adding supplements to your diet. We’re big fans of vitamin C for safeguarding our immune system, helping us swerve sickness, and stay bright-eyed and peppy. Of course, they’re best consumed through fruits and veggies. But in case those are hard to come by, at least a handy-dandy bottle of supplements lasts a long time!
TRY: Herbs of the Earth Relax Stress Support Formula (90 All-Natural Tablets), now on sale at P900 (limited time only), Relumins NEW Relumins Advance Vitamin C, P795, Easy Cures VitaGreen-C, P880

And don’t forget to take deep breaths! Woosah.

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