As essential as protein is to our diets and workout routines, it’s not always a grab-and-go situation. For people with fast-paced lifestyles, convenience is key, so we tend to skip this macronutrient if we can’t get it faster than a bag of chips.

That’s where protein snacks come in: they’re able to give us that muscle-building boost in a snap. They come in many forms, from shakes to jerky, but our inner sweet tooth, of course, loves the “dessert” options. These are the ones that deliver a hefty amount of protein while tasting like our favorite childhood chocolate bar.

So, what does count for a satisfying protein snack and could everyone (even non-gym buffs!) enjoy them? We taste-tested 5 from our assortment to give you our honest review. Peep the video for our first impressions and scroll for a verdict!


1. One Bar Birthday Cake (60g), P159 WHAT IT IS: An easy favorite among One Bar loyalists, this vanilla-flavored bar (with sprinkles!) captures the simple taste of a classic birthday cake, even as it packs 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar.

OUR VERDICT: “It’s chewy, a little sweet, and doesn’t taste healthy at all! The cake flavor comes out well, with the icing serving a hit of vanilla.”

2. Barebells Salty Peanut Protein Bar (55g), P205 (limited time only) WHAT IT IS: With 20g of protein, no added sugar, and the always delicious combo of peanuts and creamy chocolate in its corner, this energizing bar is super decadent yet entirely guilt-free.

OUR VERDICT: “Nutty, chewy, creamy, not too sweet, and pleasantly reminiscent of a cookie. The layers of texture make it interesting to eat!”

3. Hammer Nutrition Chocolate Peanut Hammer Vegan Protein Bar, P150 WHAT IT IS: Made from a blend of clean, plant-based proteins, this option makes for a no-fuss recovery snack that’ll get vegans and non-vegans alike through plenty of rigorous workouts.

OUR VERDICT: “Mildly earthy, a bit on the dry side, and graham cracker-like in flavor. Ideal for people who like their snacks more neutral than sweet.”

4. Raw Rev Glo Dark Chocolate Cashew & Mint (46g), P130 WHAT IT IS: The smoothest of the bunch, this refreshing bar offers a blend of cashews, dark chocolate, and mint, for the dessert fiend craving a healthy twist on a beloved classic.

OUR VERDICT: “Moist, creamy, and packed with lots of unique flavors. When you bite into the crushed mint chips folded into the batter, it’s a burst of freshness!”

5. Quest Peanut Butter Protein Cookie (58g), P160 (limited time only) WHAT IT IS: Soft and slightly crumbly to satisfy your oven-baked cravings, this cookie packs 15g of protein, 9g of fiber, and only 2g of sugar—perfect for the crazed cookie lover looking to get a little leaner.

OUR VERDICT: “The peanut butter is very subdued in this one and it oddly smells a bit like cheese. It’s crumbly and almost cake-y, and the flavor will keep you guessing.”

Which one would you prefer to munch on? Tell us below!

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