If you track Jessy Mendiola on Instagram, you’re probably well aware of her weight loss journey. Inspired to “love [herself],” Jessy is now 15 pounds lighter and more, lots more, confident. She credits her new physique to clean eating and exercise—which her IG page will quickly confirm. However, we recently learned yet another element at play in the actress’ journey.
Enter garcinia cambogia, an ingredient with potential weight loss effects.


While its name lets on otherwise, garcinia cambogia is all natural. It’s actually a type of tamarind with a centuries-long history across Indian and Asian cultures. Originally, garcinia cambogia was used as an ingredient in curries and preserves. Over time, however, researchers proved it wasn’t just any old kitchen condiment. It could possibly aid in weight loss too—which is what, if anything, piqued most people’s interest.


Essentially, its rind contains a chemical called hydroxycitric acid (or HCA), which potentially aids weight loss in two ways. One, it can increase the production of happy hormones, which in turn lessens the appetite. Then, it obstructs the enzyme, citrate lyase, that causes us to hold onto calories. Overall, HCA works to curb cravings and expel unnecessary calories.

As with all else though, it’s most effective when paired with healthy habits.


Nowadays, there a number of ways to consume garcinia cambogia. You can take them as capsules, powders, and liquids, among other things—the choice is yours! Although Jessy Mendiola’s option of choice isn’t readily available here (at least not yet), we carry 5 products that work just as well. NOTE: Prior to trying anything new, always consult with your physician.

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