It was only a matter of time before BLK Cosmetics, local beauty favorite, would sweep us off our feet with yet another irresistible makeup collection—the BLK Universal line.
Following the magic and romance from their last K-Drama inspired set, this gorgeous neutral lineup takes flattering shades and uncomplicated beauty to suit everyone. No matter your age, label, or gender, you can spice up your look however, whenever, wherever you want.
To give you a quick rundown, here’s exactly what you can get your hands on: a Multi-Tasking Color Stick, Color Adapting Moisture Balm, Skintint Sun Shield SPF 35, Brow Stick Pencil + Mascara, a Multi-Use Tint Duo, and beautifully hued All-Day Lippies. Most of which are multi-use and practical for taking with you on the go! À la sisterhood of the traveling makeup, if you will. (But inclusive!) What’s more, you can snag any of these for less than P500 a pop.

Now, before we dive into the swatches, we wanted to try some of these to create one look on different skin tones. Just to test the waters on the versatility of it all. So by using the four available Skin Tint shades as the base, we’ll give you a play by play on the makeup we chose for the rest of the look. See how it turned out, below!


BASE: BLK Cosmetics Skintint Sun Shield SPF 35, P499
From left to right: Yvonne in Vanilla, Kat in Butterscotch, Claire in Almond, and Monica in Chestnut.

Typically, skin tints don’t deliver heaps of coverage, but BLK’s skin-perfecting formula appears to be an exception. It’s not quite as sheer as a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, but instead acts more like a light foundation—with all the perks of a skin tint.

It has SPF 35, feels lightweight, seamlessly glides over skin, and leaves a fresh, matte finish. And while dark under-eyes and marks will still call for a concealer, this tint evens out redness and dullness like a dream. As for the shades, they do lean towards a limited light to tan range. So if you’re on the fairer or deeper end of the spectrum, you might have to double check to see if one’s a match for you.

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CHEEKS: BLK Cosmetics Multi-tasking Color Stick, P399
All wear the Multi-tasking Color Stick in Merlot.

Fancy yourself sculpted cheeks or a lovely, healthy flush? These all-around color sticks will spark life and add definition to any face. Be it Merlot, a medium rosy pink; Rosé, a cheery peach; Champagne, a shimmery, golden bronze; or Cocoa, a cool-toned brown, you’ll find everything you need in these four to get your blush, contour, and highlight on.

For this look, we kept it simple and went for Merlot to bring out that soft, warm flush from within. To use, just tap the multitasking stick or finger-paint the stuff onto your cheeks, then pat until you’re satisfied with the color on your face. Trust us, the light dabbing motions will keep your base underneath from moving!

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BROWS: BLK Cosmetics Brow Stick: Pencil + Mascara, P399
All wear the Brow Stick: Pencil + Mascara in Taupe.

When it comes to brows, it’s all about amping what you already have. You don’t need anything fancy, either! A classic brow pencil and mascara like this BLK brow stick will easily do the trick. This one comes in two colors: taupe and natural brown. Both pretty neutral shades that should be a good match for dark brows.

So, let’s hit our bases. Fill in those sparse spots, maybe extend the ends a bit. Shape those arches if you want to. BLK’s brow pencil lets you do all that with its skinny, angled tip, made especially for creating feather-light strokes for naturally fuller brows. (Plus, it’s not too heavy either, so it won’t leave that blocky, drawn-on effect.) Then for the final touches, seal everything in place by sweeping through your brows with the mascara. That’s it!

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EYES: BLK Cosmetics Multi-tasking Color Stick, P399
All wear the Multi-tasking Color Stick in Merlot.

Now, for the eyes. Let’s jump back into those color sticks. After all, they’re multi-tasking for a reason! That’s right—these tinted formulas work triple duty by spicing up not just your cheeks, but your eyes and lips, too. What can we say! We love versatility.

For this look, we went ahead and applied the same Merlot shade onto the lids for a gorgeous pop of color. And since the consistency is creamy, you’ll have no trouble smoothing this on. Make it last longer by tapping on a bit of loose powder. This should keep it from creasing if your face tends get greasy during the day.

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LIPS: BLK Cosmetics Multi-Use Tint Duo, P399
All wear the Multi-Use Tint Duo watery tint in Nutmeg.

What can we say, the possibilities are endless when we’re talking multi-use products. So for the lips, we went for BLK’s Multi-Use Tint Duo, another dual-ended product that lets you play with a matte liquid lipstick and watery tint in one.

There are only two Multi-Use Tint Duos out, but the shade combos are quite interesting. You could go the more cool, laid-back route with Cinnamon, which features a matte nude beige and rosy berry watery tint. Or you could try Nutmeg, which has a more earthy and fiery touch with a matte terracotta and red-brown tint.

Here, we swiped on the red-brown tint from Nutmeg all over and smacked our lips to spread the color. You could also blend out the product with your finger for that blurred lip effect. But more than that, you can go crazy and experiment with the hues! We bet you can create some unique lip looks you’re bound to love.

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1. BLK Cosmetics Multi-Use Tint Duo, P399

2. BLK Cosmetic All-Day-Lip, P299

3. BLK Cosmetics Multi-tasking Color Stick, P399

And there you have it! if you would like to give these a try, the BLK Cosmetics Universal Makeup Line is available on BeautyMNL right here. Happy shopping!

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