59s is the pioneer of UVC LED Sterilization in the world. Their products’ high efficiency—both in energy consumption and their devices’ germicidal capacity (99.9% disinfection rates in 59 seconds up to 3 minutes )—enables them to offer battery-powered models, providing their customers with 24/7, 365 access to a sterilized environment. All it takes to get the job done is just 59 seconds and the effect equals to 6 hours direct sunshine! Each device emits Ultraviolet C that destroys the DNAs and RNAs of common bacterias and viruses, including E. Coli, the flu virus, Hepatitis A and B viruses, Tuberculosis, and many other pathogens. Their UV C LED lights also have a rated life of 10,000 hours, and that’s more than 600,000 full sterilizations. With 59s, you get fast & portable sterilization and eco-friendly solutions.

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