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Basimatsi (bawang, sibuyas, kamatis, sili) is a source for premium Filipino products. Their assortment includes variations of suka (vinger) and spicy sauces. The products are made with ingredients sourced from various regions to offer classic Filipino flavors with flair. “Taste the Philippines in a bottle” with Basimatsi.

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About Basimatsi

Filipinos are more than familiar with the power the humble sawsawan can offer. One brand named Basimatsi aims to bring this to the world—to “every adventurous gourmand worldwide.” Made by the homegrown brand Kitchen Witchery, it offers a line of sauces that combine local ingredients, such as ginger, chilies, and regional variants of vinegar, to create unique blends. With seven variants under the line, there is a sauce for every situation.

Most fundamental of the lineup is Suka Liso, a blend of sugar cane, coconut, and palm vinegar, resulting in a unique (and surprisingly balanced) condiment with a bright tang smoothed out with a mellow sweetness. Suka Timplado takes Liso up a notch with the addition of spices, making it a great way to balance out all things crisp and fatty. Molasses gives Suka Minatamis a sweeter, rounder edge that goes great with garlicky longganisa; and ginger adds its characteristic zing in the Suka Sinalabat. Got anything grilled or barbecued? Give it a few lashings of the Suka Pinausukan, whose smokiness heightens the flavor of the charred bits we love. Fried fish or dimsum? Try the soy sauce and calamansi-laced Suka Toyomansi. And for a truly one-of-a-kind punch, don’t miss the Labuyo Cerveza—a relatively thicker blend made with fermented birds-eye chili (the making process of which Tan likens to beer-making).

Basimatsi makes one-of-a-kind dipping sauces in seven mouth-watering variants, in delightful rustic packaging that got the attention of even visiting Michellin-starred chefs at Madrid Fushion. Now, you don’t even have to make your way to a specialty store to pick up a bottle. All you need to do is shop it online at BeautyMNL. Just simply make your order, and we’ll have it right at your doorstep in just a few days!

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