Bulls Professional produces high-quality gear for combat sports, such as boxing and mixed martial arts. Their products are designed for a maximum performance with maximum protection. With the use of premium-quality materials and innovative designs, Bulls professional is a perfect choice for athletes and combat sports enthusiasts.

About Bulls

Bulls Professional is the go-to brand for gear related to combat sports. Their selection of boxing and MMA gear has helped countless amateur and professional fighters all over the world exceed their limitations by offering incredible performance and top-grade protection. Casual and professional athletes alike will appreciate what Bulls brings to the table.

Classic Bulls handwraps such as the Mex Style Professional Handwraps and Cotton Professional Handwraps are here on BeautyMNL. Train and fight your way to a fitter, more beautiful you – without needlessly damaging your hands.

Have all your Bulls equipment shipped straight to your home. BeautyMNL makes it easy to find, buy and ship all your athletic essentials. No trip to the gym or sports shop needed.

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