In 1996, Abmarac Corporation rediscovered the abundance of quality chili peppers in the country. Caramba was then incorporated in 1997, with the goals of introducing premium quality Filipino products to the global market and opening agricultural opportunities for Filipino farmers.

Caramba produces four varieties of chili sauces, and is also known for its delectable salsas and barbecue sauce. Their products can be spotted in anyone’s kitchen pantry, in popular restaurants like Shakey’s or Yellow Cab, and in major supermarkets. Currently, Caramba exports to Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

About Caramba

Found in a lot of homes and restaurants, Caramba is basically a household name in the local hot sauce scene. Now, it exports its sauces to countries all over the world. But did you know that sustainable agriculture is really close to Caramba’s heart? This major hot sauce maker does its best to ensure fair and sustainable trade and agriculture throughout its supply chain, helping uplift lives as it sets mouths on fire.

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