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Chili Asylum creates a variety of interesting chili products through local ingredients and unique preparations. Their products are lovingly homemade, and use only locally-sourced ingredients.

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About Chili Asylum

Local brand Chili Asylum is the brainchild of Isi Laureano, who has a long history with food. Isa, a previous culinary instructor and food stylist, started Chili Asylum as a suggestion to her family. She began by just selling her lola’s special atchara recipe—which proved to be a hit—but has since expanded to include a range of spicy condiments, including pesto, chimichurri, and even vegetarian chili.

While all of Chili Asylum products have spiciness in common, it actually offers a unique array of flavors. Each products is lovingly homemade, and incorporates different local ingredients and preparation techniques. This not only makes it suitable for everyone’s palates, including the chili averse, but also incredibly versatile. Each product can be paired with just about any dish on your table. Curious to try it? For the uninitiated, start with the spicy papaya atchara or the Spicy Bathala or Spicy Diwata for chili-heads looking for the next kick.

Shop it in select food stores in the Philippines or online via BeautyMNL. With just a click of button, you can fill up your e-cart with as much spice as your heart desire. Shop now, and get free shipping on orders up to P1,500 or more.

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