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Derived from the word “Cynosure” which means “ambition to lead the way to fashion,” Cynos is certainly on the right track with their high-quality products being widely distributed around the world. This Canada-based brand uses the latest and most advanced technology in hair cosmetics for all their raved-about products.

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Argan Oil Vitality Conditioner CYNOS
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About Cynos

The brand CYNOS is also an acronym embodying the company’s commitment to society through its core principles: Cycle, Nature, Origin, System.

Cycle refers to their belief that innovation is an ongoing cycle that never ends. A good example of this is their CYNOS Argan Oil Ultra Hydrating Mask, an intense conditioning treatment. It aims to hydrate and restore the hair’s natural moisture balance. It’s rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, restructuring the hair’s protective film. This helps shield the hair from damage, and revitalizes dry, brittle and damaged hair.

And as that product also shows, CYNOS also shows that to get your hair back to perfect health, you should aim for what’s natural.

With O for Origin, it’s also important to remember where CYNOS came from. The brand was born in Korea back in 1993. In 2007, the brand eventually set up a distribution center in Germany; in 2010, it was acquired by Colornow Canada Limited. This acquisition resulted in the establishment of a research laboratory to develop the latest technology for hair cosmetics. And t Through the years, it has constantly improved their products.

Today, CYNOS products are widely distributed in 17 countries: Australia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Germany, Indonesia, Morocco, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Syria, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, USA and Vietnam.

And finally, with S for System, the brand has developed a scientific way of looking at hair care. For example, the CYNOS brand of products adheres to the “CRP System” of Cleanse, Repair, and Protect. They also established Cynosure, an exclusive hairdressing education organization formed to better serve salons all over the world.

Through Cynosure, the CYNOS group offers basic level training for hair coloring and perming, intermediate level training for hair texturizing and chic hairdressing and expert level training for personal profile and overall color design.

The CYNOS group has also signed contracts with other well-known hairdressing organizations—such as Tony & Guy—for further training. They select and send the best students abroad to learn the latest fashion trends.

And perhaps the most important of all, CYNOS group shares resources with their distributors and clients. This helps provide better technical support and even more opportunities for business success.

In this regard, CYNOS now shares its beauty innovations with the general public through the sale of its products. Experience salon-level treatments right at home by buying these today on BeautyMNL.

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