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Every Beauty is an innovative brand that aims to solve the everyday beauty dilemmas experienced by women everywhere. Trying to scoop out the last smidgen of your favorite cream through a tight bottleneck? Struggling to keep your chosen scent handy for a quick spritz anywhere? Every Beauty has got you covered with its ingenious spatula tools.

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In 2012, Every Beauty went on a mission to solve all our beauty dilemmas. The 1st problem on their list? Helping women maximize all their products—be it makeup, skincare, lotions, creams, and serums—to each and every last ounce.

The solution came in the shape of a small cooking spatula—which could easily seem paltry. On the contrary, the Every Drop was a hero to many women everywhere. The Every Drop Beauty Spatula and Lip Spatula, in particular, gained mass popularity. The innovative contraptions were able to retrieve “every drop” of our beauty and skincare products, earning their keep in makeup kits immediately.

While Every Beauty is renowned for their Every Drop products, they continuously look for new ways to make our lives easier. Shop it now on BeautyMNL and for orders over P1,500, score free shipping on your purchase.

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