In 2015, Founding Farmers was established in the Philippines to create and provide a better-for-you food assortment. They believe in delivering quality products that are tasty yet nutritious. Enjoy healthy snacking with Founding Farmers.

About Founding Farmers

Founding Farmers makes life better for the snack-addicted Filipino. How? By providing an assortment of nutritious yet satisfying munchables, the brand hopes to steer the Philippine snack market into a healthier place.

In 2015, they first broke the mold with their Mixed Veggie Crisps. Made from 100% real vegetables, these tasty, nutrient-rich crisps contain zero artificial flavors, gluten, or harmful cholesterol. Each bag includes beans, sweet potatoes, okra, pumpkin, and carrot, with Sea Salt, Garlic, and Unsalted flavors to choose from.

The brand’s Roasted Shelled Edamame are handy snack packs perfect for the Pinoy who’s always on the move. These extra crunchy protein bombs come in resealable packs that you can keep with you wherever you go! They come in an exciting range of flavors, from Wasabi to Garlic, so you can snack healthy and happy.

So, if you absolutely have to snack, go for Founding Farmers! Browse their selection of veggies-made-fun on BeautyMNL, and get free shipping for orders worth PHP1,500 or more.

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