Making the switch to eco-conscious products is easy with Green Project PH. They believe that joining the #ZeroWaste movement should be inexpensive, and the products should never ever sacrifice your health. Start making an impact on the environment with the Green Project PH.

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About Green Project PH

We’ve all been there: wanting to start living a zero-waste lifestyle, but not knowing how or where to begin. It’s true that giving up single-use plastics may sound cumbersome and inconvenient, but with Green Project PH, your journey towards a plastic-free lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult.

Currently operating in Ilocos and Manila, Green Project PH aims to spread awareness and encourage plastic users to convert their lifestyle into a sustainable and eco-friendly way of life. Green Project PH knows that a plastic-free lifestyle is a journey and that the best way to approach it is through gradual transition and starting with small steps such as replacing disposable home and commercial items with reusable ones. Begin your quest to sustainability with their metal straws and be surprised by their fun colors and style! Their straws are available in singles or sets, and you can choose from their wide assortment which includes regular straws, bent straws, milk tea straws, and cleaners for easy and convenient storing.

Go green and support the zero waste advocacy with Green Project PH! Here at BeautyMNL, there’s no more need for you to drive or commute to malls just to buy your favorite products. Simply browse our catalog, place an order, and sit pretty while our representatives work to deliver your items in a fast and fuss-free way!

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