HoChai (/’hó-chài/), which means “good vegetable” and/or “good food” in the Southern Hokkien Chinese dialect, lovingly puts its own twist to the usual sauces and condiments that Filipinos have come to love. Its Veggie Bagoong, for one, affords every eater, including vegans and vegetarians of all stripes, the pleasure of savoring this condiment with their favorite dishes or simply on its own with rice.

For those who love some heat, HoChai has the Chili Pinoy Veggie Sauce as the perfect all-around culinary companion. Whether as a cooking ingredient, a dipping sauce, or even a spread, this unique sauce is sure to add that extra zing to everyone’s food. Overall, HoChai is the perfect vehicle for letting people taste the awesome deliciousness of plant-based food.

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