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Jayjun Cosmetics features the collaboration of experts in the field of beauty. Together with R&D experts, cosmetic surgery specialists, and dermatologists, the Korean brand aims to offer fundamental skincare solutions that address the concerns of aging. Transform skin from tired, dry, and damaged to tight, elastic, and youthful with JayJun.

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About JayJun

Jayjun is a Korean skincare label that was established in 2014 as its founders answer to the market’s need for a brand that specifically targets skin aging. Together, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and cosmetics researchers came up with the idea of bringing youthful and smooth skin to women struggling with dullness and aging, thus creating a line of products that will help their consumers achieve the healthiest, possible skin one can have – no matter what age or skin type.

A brand well-known for its slogan “Responsible for Beauty,” Jayjun is now making its rounds in local drugstore shelves and is popular for its multi-step mask packs that combine various skin care products in one neat package. Each pack of their bestselling Real Water Brightening Black Mask contains three essential products: the Real Water Cleansing Foam which helps get rid of makeup residue and waste, the Vita Snow Essence which boosts skin-brightening effects, and the Real Water Brightening Black Mask which supplies dry and wrinkled skin with moisture and hydration.

Say goodbye to countless bottles and say hello to your new, all-in-one best friend when it comes to skincare. With their bestselling masks, you can cleanse, hydrate, and brighten your skin in an instant without rummaging your tabletops and drawers for different products.

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