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Luxuriate in Kala Milk, an herbal personal care line made with fresh carabao milk as its base ingredient. Thanks to the high content of good butterfat, each product has intense moisturizing properties that soften, soothe, and heal problem skin for a healthy glow. A socially conscious brand, Kala supports the carabao dairy farmers of Baluag, Bulacan—and all products are handmade by the “Dairyladies” to ensure that they contain no harsh ingredients and won’t harm the environment.

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About Kala Milk

Kala Milk Soap began as a project by the Gonzales family in 2010. It’s the first-ever bath soap made from carabao’s milk, a joint project involving the dairy farmers of Baliuag, Bulacan.

It started when co-founder Nerlita Gonzales attended training programs at the Department of Science and Technology to learn the basics of soap-making. A few months later, they launched Kala Milk Soap. The company was registered in the Department of Trade and Industry in October of 2010.

With carabao milk having the highest content of good butterfat, Nerlita saw it as a great ingredient for soap. After all, that high butterfat content can give skin an intense moisturizing treatment while cleansing it. They also use food-grade virgin coconut oil and high quality essential oils to create the different soap variants. The addition of essential oils also provide additional benefits for the body.

All its products do not contain harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients, making it safe for the environment.

The products were initially sold through family friends and relatives, as well as a few bazaars. In 2011, Kala Milk Soap received publicity through a Yahoo News article, a feature on ANC’s Balitang Europe and TV 5’s Kumare Club, and a write-up from blogger “The Average Jane.” Since then, interest in the brand has spiked, driving a higher demand for its products.

In addition to its appearance in the Philippines’ top news shows, Kala Milk Soap was also featured in the Agri Show 774 and the Philippine Carabao Centre News Magazine as an entry for innovative products.

Kala Milk Soap also supports the community of farmers that supply the ingredients for its products. The family sources the main ingredient from local farmers, who sell the excess milk produced by the carabaos. This helps the farmers get additional income during lean months.

Now, you too can obtain the benefits of natural beauty for yourself while helping local communities earn a better livelihood. Buy Kala Milk Soap on BeautyMNL today!

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