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MustaeV was launched in 2009 in Seoul’s Cheongdam area, which is known as the beauty capital of Korea. The brand carries cosmetics that was designed by a team of high profile makeup artists and tried and tested on K-Pop stars. Today, they offer a complete color collection that includes eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, color powder, face powder, foundation, makeup base, concealer, lip gloss, lip palette, makeup brush, makeup case, and makeup tools. Experience what makes MUSTAEV a Must-Have and choose from their vast offering at BeautyMNL.

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Eye Shadow MUSTAEV
₱595.00 ₱298.00
Glamtouch Eyelash 7711 MUSTAEV
₱245.00 ₱123.00
Secret Brush V15 Powder MUSTAEV
₱3,215.00 ₱1,608.00
Face Architect Powder Light On MUSTAEV
₱1,095.00 ₱548.00
Lustrous Cream Base MUSTAEV
₱1,495.00 ₱748.00
Secret Brush E71 Eyeliner MUSTAEV
₱1,235.00 ₱618.00
Secret Brush E75 Flat Liner MUSTAEV
₱1,235.00 ₱618.00
10 Lip Pro Palette MUSTAEV
₱2,095.00 ₱1,048.00
Secret Brush E55 Blending MUSTAEV
₱1,335.00 ₱668.00
Pro Beauty Sponge Blocks MUSTAEV
₱445.00 ₱223.00
Studio Multi Use Pencil MUSTAEV
₱695.00 ₱348.00
Maxi-Volume Mascara MUSTAEV
₱825.00 ₱413.00
Tension Fit Liquid Liner MUSTAEV
₱825.00 ₱413.00
Secret Brush V31 Blush MUSTAEV
₱2,225.00 ₱1,113.00
Easygo Brush Blush So Pink MUSTAEV
₱1,145.00 ₱573.00
Glamtouch Eyelash 8811 MUSTAEV
₱245.00 ₱123.00
Secret Brush E93 Eye Brow MUSTAEV
₱1,135.00 ₱568.00
Bloom Pouch Small MUSTAEV
₱1,485.00 ₱743.00
Performance Belt Pink MUSTAEV
₱2,725.00 ₱1,363.00
Secret Brush E91 Mini Fan MUSTAEV
₱1,235.00 ₱618.00
Silky Sketch Brow Pencil MUSTAEV
₱695.00 ₱348.00
Secret Brush E92 Screw MUSTAEV
₱545.00 ₱273.00
Eyelash Curler MUSTAEV
₱745.00 ₱373.00
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