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Koreans understand the value of nature’s healing treasures and this became the Ocean Skin’s foundation for discovering beauty secrets, hidden in the deep sea. Developed from 100% natural resources, it has been a top-ranking, highly popular Korean beauty brand for brightening products. Tested for different types of Asian skin, Ocean Skin is suitable for addressing concerns of pigmentation, skin darkening and sagging.

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Ocean Skin is a Korean brand famed for its use of two key ingredients in its products: Japanese Moon Jellyfish extracts and French brown seaweeds. These restore your skin and making it look young again.

Moon Jellyfish has been found to be an excellent source of collagen, an extract that’s vital to restoring your skin’s healthy tone. These creatures are found to be the ones with the highest and purest amounts of it, making them ideal for use in cosmetics. These are higher than from other sources, which are only 85% pure.

Since jellyfish are almost entirely made of water, extracts from its cells also aid in hydrating your skin. These can not only restore dry pelts. They also set the stage for the seaweed extracts to moisturize your skin and bring it back to its original soft state.

Seaweed extracts, on the other hand, have been found to help in restoring the skin’s elasticity and supple texture.

By combining these two ingredients with phytoplankton extracts and other natural substances from the sea, Ocean Skin’s products can effectively reduce wrinkles and strengthen your skin.

Their products can also heal and nourish with their algisium content, which helps in addressing your most common skin problems. These include blemishes, freckles, and black spots. This cocktail also assists in the creation of collagen fibers to enhance skin flexibility. Together, all these ingredients aid in speeding up the anti-aging process.

On top of that, Ocean Skin products are developed and optimized for the Asian market. That’s what made them one of the top moisturizers and skin care brands in Korea, as their products deliver top results. This makes them great options for Filipinos as well. And now, you too can enjoy these Korean skin care products yourself. Order them now on BeautyMNL and get free shipping for purchases worth PHP 2,000 or more.

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