Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution

In observance of the Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, our Customer Service Team will be offline on February 25, 2019. We will respond to inquiries when office hours resume on February 26, 10AM.


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Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances feature handcrafted, artfully blended fine essential oils that capture and celebrate the richness of the cultural heritage of the Philippines. Designed by Filipino Artisan Perfumer Oscar Mejia III, each scent is inspired by personal memories, remarkable feelings, and idealized visions to create a work of art. Take part in a distinct and unforgettable experience with Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances.

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About Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances

The rich cultural heritage of the Philippines, elegantly captured in bottles of sophisticated fragrances - it’s the Oscar Meija Artisan Fragrances line, specially handcrafted by natural perfumer, Oscar Meija III. Each bottle is made of artfully-blended fine essential oils, and represents a warm, nostalgic experience of our Filipino past. Meija began his scented passion in 2012, creating a wide range of products, from eau de toilette, cologne, perfume, and even room sprays. You can even customize your own bottle!

Each item is made with a purpose in mind, like Sigla, the energy-boosting room spray meant to invigorate any dull, sluggish space and remind you of a traditional Filipino garden. This energizing spray of citrusy notes of orange and bergamot is a zesty pick-me-up which can enhance cognitive functions, keep you alert, bright and calm. On the opposite hand, the Himbing Sleep Enhancing Pillow Mist and Room Spray is made to get you those zzz’s ASAP. It sets the mood for a good night’s sleep with its soothing blend of lavender, green tea, and olive. The sweet, floral blend promotes sound sleep, relaxed muscles, and an anxiety-free rest.

No time to look for the household products you want and need? No worries. BeautyMNL is the online shopping platform you can rely on for a wide range of household products ! Enjoy our easy-to-use mode of shopping, payment, and delivery service. Your next best purchase is just a click away!

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