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Project Organic’s artfully made, handcrafted, and carefully curated products are safe, non-toxic, and natural. If you believe that your beauty solutions should be relaxing, enjoyable, and effective, then look no further than Project Organic, which makes their skincare with love.

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Project Organic is a proudly local brand that offers skin essentials made of all-natural ingredients. It steers away from harsh chemicals such as alcohols, sulfates, and dyes, instead opting for nature-inspired products that nourish and protect the skin. Founder Arianne Bascara traces her passion for organic skincare back to her childhood home garden. In fact, Project Organic incorporates essential oils, herbs, and fruit extracts in its creations, resting on the philosophy that skincare is also about wellbeing. It also doubles as a nonprofit, with most of its proceeds going to a scholarship fund and other causes.

Its flagship products cover an entire beauty routine, from cleansing to toning and hydrating. The Guava Soap consists of essential oils mixed with guava extract, which detoxifies the skin and minimizes the appearance of acne and blemishes. After washing, follow up with the Face Mist and Face Serum for a fresh-faced, glowing look. The Face Mist contains rose water, Vitamin C, and argan oil—a combination that brightens your skin and shrinks pores. Seal the effect with the Face Serum, which contains sandalwood, frankincense, and other essential oils for anti-aging.

With BeautyMNL, you can browse and order skincare products from Project Organic with a few clicks. We’re the leading online store for all things beauty and wellness in the Philippines. Shop now for perks, discounts, and other privileges!

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