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Qubo is a local brand that provides DIY garden kits for a delightfully convenient gardening experience. Each elegantly packaged box fits all the components one needs to create their very own edible herb garden in one. The name Qubo comes from the old Filipino nursery rhyme “Bahay Kubo,” which is about commonly used vegetables in Filipino kitchens that people used to grow around the house. Although the practice of growing your own food is deeply rooted in Filipino culture, it is an activity that has waned in popularity in the advent of monoculture, food importation, and fast-food. Qubo aims to achieve two things: revive the practice of growing your own food, and pushing for a greener Manila. It can serve as the physical bridge needed to emotionally connect the city-dweller to nature and the environment. It does this by equipping people with the basic tools and knowledge to create their own miniature gardens with limited space and allowing them to craft their own personalized experience with their plants.

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About Qubo

Headquartered in Mandaluyong, Urban Harvestry Inc. is the passion-project-turned-social-enterprise of landscape architect Manuel Francisco “Mackie” Bretaña. With his flagship product, Qubo, Mackie is able to apply landscape architectural concepts to small homes and workplaces throughout the city.

Inspired by the Philippine nursery rhyme “Bahay Kubo”, Qubo is a DIY garden kit that comes with your chosen seeds, cocopot (short for coconut pot), potting mix, pebbles, organic fertilizer, and a short manual on how to grow your herb garden. Although Qubo doesn’t carry all 18 veggies mentioned in the song, it does have a wide variety of herbs—such as Genovese basil, parsley, aragula, cilantro, oregano, garlic, peppermint, and many more! With its elegant packaging and unique concept, Qubo can also be bought as a giveaway or even as a thoughtful gift for the gardeners in your life.

Today, Urban Harvestry has fully transformed into a retail company focused on urban greenery and urban farming products. Mackie still shares his love and knowledge of nature through conducting workshops on urban agriculture and urban gardening.

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