Harvested from nature, Rikoy’s Suka Bahalina is pure and unadulterated coco nectar (tuba) vinegar that is aged to perfection. As a veritable kitchen companion, it brings to the fore that deliciously distinct sour taste common in many Filipino dishes while simultaneously imparting a slew of health benefits that could only come from the ubiquitous coconut. Not only is Suka Bahalina suited for sauces, marinades, and salad dressings, it can even be enjoyed as a health drink mixed with water or fruit juice. Its versatility really knows no bounds. So whether one uses its “All Natural Sawsawan” line of Original and Sweet and Spicy variants for dipping or its “Pure Suka Tuba” line for marinating or cooking, Suka Bahalina’s all natural ingredients are always guaranteed to amaze the palate.

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