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Stressed? Sipt Teas help you relax the natural way. They select only the healthiest, most relaxing organic teas worldwide. In an age where everyone is focused on getting more and caffeinating themselves, Sipt Teas aims to bring you back to the simple enjoyment of being present.

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About Sipt Teas

Teas have been around for thousands of years now, and the wonder drink is no new name when it comes to promoting overall health and well-being. Today, teas come in countless colors and flavors, but it continues to be reinvented in new and interesting forms to appeal to the younger market. Sipt Teas, a brand that concocts unique tea blends that help relax and purify the body, saw this opportunity and created an inventive way to enjoy a centuries-old cupboard staple that has been around for the longest time.

To make the experience of drinking teas stimulating and fun, Sipt Tea’s amusing and delightful Tea Blossoms are all you need. To enjoy it, simply place it in a container with boiling water, and see a beautiful floral bulb unfurl before your very eyes. Each tea blossom is not just visually appealing – with jasmine, lily, and chrysanthemum, among its other natural ingredients, it helps your body recuperate from illnesses, get rid of toxins, and induce a calming effect that relaxes both the mind and spirit. Discover a new way to enjoy your usual drink with Sipt Teas!

All Sipt Teas products are available here at BeautyMNL. Skip the search for their unique products in supermarket shelves and get your fun tea fix in a snap by simply ordering on our site today. Sip away!

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