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Connect to Mother Nature even—without an outdoor garden—with easy-to-do plant growing kits from Sow and Grow. Practical, simple, and downright awesome, these organic grow kits contain everything you need to nurture your leafy babies—a coconut husk pot, organic soil, seeds, fertilizer, plant marker, and an instruction manual. Discover your green thumb and grow your favorite vegetables, herbs, and blooms.

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About Sow and Gro

A brainchild of millennials inspired to create green changes in city living, Sow & Gro is a brand of MNL Grow Kits that offers all you need to start your urban garden in one box. Grow vegetables and flowers on your balcony or by your windowsill with their beginner-friendly, all-in-one organic plant kits.

Start easy with their best-selling Basil Kit, a must-have for any pasta lover and one of the most fragrant and flavorful leaves you can keep in your home. Grow it near sunlight and spot tendrils as soon as seven days after you sow. The Cilantro Kit is also a popular choice for beginners. You can also opt to try their Garden Kits—get the popular Pizza Garden Kit, which contains all the seedlings you need to plant your own pizza toppings, or the Salad Kit to grow your own veggies for healthy living. If you’re looking to beautify your home, the Flower Garden Kit is right up your alley, containing empress sunflower, dwarf sunflowers, zinnia, and marigold seeds.

All kits from Sow & Gro include the plant seeds, a coconut husk starter pot, a plant marker, a pack of organic fertilizer, and a pack of fertilizer-infused starting compost. #SeedtheDifference for a #GreenerMNL and shop Sow & Gro at BeautyMNL today! Get free shipping with orders worth Php1,500 or more.

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