With the goal of creating a better world one step at a time, The Bamboo Company offers better alternatives to everyday products by using Philippine bamboo as a sustainable material.

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The Best Wellness Products to Buy at Our 20% Off Site-Wide Sale

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About The Bamboo Company

The Bamboo Company is a local sustainable brand that creates eco-friendly solutions to help preserve the environment. After founder Jamico Jamlang ventured through Northern Mindanao’s beautiful waters, it came to his attention that dolphins no longer flocked the area due to all the plastic waste. This experience started his mission to merge his chemical engineering background with his love for adventure to officially launch his ideas in December 2017.

Maximizing the fast-growing benefits of local bamboo while giving others a peek into our traditional heritage, this sustainable plant became the core source of their earth-friendly creations. For now, this covers their bamboo-based toothbrushes and canteens which are great plastic-free alternatives that won’t contribute to the amount of trash in the ocean. But most importantly, a piece of every purchase is shared with their partner, balyena.org, to go back on their promise to protect their marine friends from disappearing.

With their naturally-sourced products, simple packaging, and environmentally friendly philosophy, we at BeautyMNL easily fell in love with The Bamboo Company. If you’re having trouble finding these items in your favorite malls or boutiques, BeautyMNL is your best friend. We take the hassle of commuting to shopping centers and rummaging through store shelves just to find what you need out of the equation. With BeautyMNL, all you need to do is browse our online store, place an order, then wait for the delivery to arrive. It’s that simple.

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