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Innovative brand Village 11 Factory takes a fun yet serious approach in providing all around skin solutions. Their multi-purpose products—whose design packaging sports a cheeky mad scientist—function as both makeup and skincare to target all your skincare needs. Experience makeup that gets better for your skin the more often you use it with Village 11 Factory.

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About Village 11 Factory

Village 11 Factory is a Korean beauty brand that boldly asks why: why aren’t there more magical, multi-tasking products such as makeup that makes the skin healthier with every application? Why aren’t there moisturizing products with formulas that last the whole day? The brand embodies this spirit of experimentation through an eccentric beauty lab concept featuring a mad scientist and other chemistry elements, showing a fun, yet nonetheless in-depth approach in developing skin care solutions.

Among the products that embody Village 11 Factory’s multi-purpose philosophy is the Moisture Skin Care line, which includes a cleansing foam, toner, emulsion, serum, eye cream, and cream. It contains Devil’s claw root extract, a rare plant used by native Africans to treat wounds (which definitely sounds like it came from a mad scientist’s laboratory) and Eco Ceramide, a complex of all-natural ceramides. Together, these deliver superior moisturization and revitalization, on top of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. The Moisture Skin Care products are easily absorbed, making your skin smooth, plump, and luminous all over without the heavy, greasy feel.

Other best-sellers include the powerfully moisturizing Relax-Day Body Oil Wash and the Real Fit Lip & Cheek Tint that give you a lovely, vibrant wash of color.

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