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Some of the best things in life come in pairs. BeautyMNL has an array of hair care sets that cater to all hair types and styles. For half a reasonable price, you can get double the impact! Turn your everyday shower into a treat with our shampoo-and-conditioner sets that add shine and smoothness to stressed-out tresses. They also make perfect gifts for a friend, but we won’t judge you if you gift one to yourself too.

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About Gifts & Sets

Figuring out what conditioner to partner with your shampoo can be a mind-boggling experience, what with the seemingly endless number of combination options you can choose from. Should you go for a volumizing conditioner with your ultra-cleansing shampoo? Is an anti-breakage shampoo ideally paired with a protective conditioner? This is why a hair care set is a good thing. You take away the stress involved in choosing the right pairing. Now the question is, how do you choose the right set? Here are some tips:

Look for samples and trial sizes that you can try out. – Some shampoo and conditioner pairs come with trial sizes and even free samples that people can try out. It would be a waste of money if you purchase a two bottle set then later find out that these are not compatible with your hair or your scalp.

Always buy for your hair type and not because of the hype. – Do not buy a hair care pair simply because your favorite actress or model is advertising it as the best. Not everyone has the same kind of hair, so what may work for them may not work for you. Try to look for a pairing that is best suited to your hair type, and if you really want to buy what your favorite star is using, look for a variant that is made specifically for your hair type.

Read the labels to find out if some formulations are not good for you. – If you have allergies, it might be a good idea to check shampoo and conditioner labels before buying anything. A careful check of the ingredients added to your hair care products will let you know whether or not your scalp is safe from a break-out due to the presence of one or more allergens that you are sensitive to.