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Contour and Blush DETAIL
4-Color Contour Palette IMAGIC
₱549.00 ₱399.00
Luxe Dual Stick: Contouring RIRE
₱845.00 ₱549.00
Bronzing Powder YSABELLE
₱220.00 ₱143.00
Contouring Powder YSABELLE
₱220.00 ₱143.00
Hoola Caramel BENEFIT
Glisten Up! Cheek Stick Set HAPPY SKIN
₱1,199.00 ₱600.00
Contour Cream Kit IMAGIC
₱750.00 ₱399.00
Contour & Highlighting Palette SUESH
₱1,090.00 ₱1,036.00
On & Off Dual Contour ABBAMART
₱849.00 ₱425.00
Camouflage 101 POP BEAUTY
₱850.00 ₱595.00

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About Contour

What started out as a beauty trend seems like it’s here to stay. Contouring is still one of the best ways to enhance your natural looks without resorting to plastic surgery or Photoshop. And yes, it’s not too late to learn more about it. Here are 5 things you should remember about this technique:

  1. Make sure you have the right makeup and tools. The basic contouring palette has a foundation that’s darker than your skin tone, and another that’s lighter than your skin tone. But that’s just to start you off. You’d also need concealer for those blemishes, blush to add a bit of color, and setting powder to cap off your look.

Of course, to apply all those on your face, you’d also need a beauty sponge and some brushes. Contour and kabuki brushes are must-haves for putting this look together.

  1. Blend, blend, blend. Like all other ways of applying makeup, if you don’t blend everything together seamlessly, you may end up looking like a clown. A beauty sponge is essential for this step.

  2. Practice makes perfect. If you’re not an expert in contouring, don’t try to create the perfect look just before a big event. Make sure to get some practice applying the look first, as contouring can be challenging for newbies.

  3. If you made a mistake while applying powder makeup, don’t erase everything right away. You can still rescue your look—try using a sheet of tissue paper to lift off or erase the excess powder first.

  4. You can also highlight your neckline. You already put foundation down to your neckline on ordinary, no-contour days. So why not contour that area as well? You can use bronzer and illuminator to highlight the collarbones, creating a more chiseled look. The effect is perfect for enhancing your neck area when you’re wearing a dress to a fancy event.