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As much as we love keeping our nails pretty and painted at all times, these delicate babies need some TLC too. Keep your tips and cuticles healthy with BeautyMNL’s selection of nourishing nail care products. Our Shop’s array of hand and nail treatments, strengthening enamels, moisturizing balms, and cuticle removers are infused with only the best ingredients. They nourish, heal, and protect your nails to make sure you’re always mani-ready!

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Gel Polish (Red Apples) HAPPY SKIN
₱299.00 ₱150.00
Nail Polish ANNY
₱495.00 ₱250.00
Top 2 Bottom ORLY
₱500.00 ₱435.00
Artist, Achiever, Dreamer HAPPY SKIN
₱996.00 ₱797.00
Sanrio Gel Polish: Set of 5 HAPPY SKIN
₱1,299.00 ₱650.00
Liquid Nails ANNY
Gel Polish (Bridechilla) HAPPY SKIN
₱249.00 ₱199.00
Sanrio Trio + Top Coat HAPPY SKIN
₱1,146.00 ₱573.00
Matte Top Coat ORLY
Treatment Glosser ORLY
₱500.00 ₱435.00
Clear ORLY
White Tips ORLY
Big Shiny Top Coat SALLY HANSEN®
₱465.00 ₱326.00
Naughty ORLY
₱699.00 ₱550.00

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About Nail Polish

New to the world of nail polish? Then it’s not only the color of the nail polish itself that you should be concerned about—and the only things you should be buying. To keep your nails and hands in tip-top shape even after regularly applying nail polish, you should also have the following items on hand: 1. Base coat – This not only helps your nail polish last longer on your nails. It also prevents the polish from leaving that yellowish stain on your nails.

  1. Top coat – A top coat is the first line of defense against chipping. Simply swipe it on top of your usual nail polish and on the edge of your nail to keep breakage away.

  2. Nail polish remover – Of course, you will eventually need to remove your nail polish. When choosing a nail polish remover, stay away from a pure acetone formulation, as this can dry out your nails and hands. Instead, opt for a non-acetone one, especially if you want stronger nails.

  3. Nail and hand cream – Since nail polish and the remover you’ll use can dry out your hands, you would want to moisturize your fingers afterward. So get a nail and hand cream and use it on your hands regularly. Not too fond of creams? Try a cuticle oil to bring some much-needed hydration instead. Or you can even use them in tandem.

  4. Nail polish thinner – Got a half-full bottle of nail polish that’s drying out? Then don’t throw it away to buy a new one. Simply purchase a bottle of nail polish thinner and dilute the polish, making it as good as new. And of course, mix the thinner with the polish in the proper way: not by shaking the bottle up and down, but by rolling the bottle between the two palms of your land.